Best PS5 Exclusive Games

What are the best PS5 exclusive games? For enthusiasts and the hardcore, exclusive titles are one of the main reasons for buying a console. These experiences generally make the most of the hardware you are purchasing, and so many are considered best in class when stacked up against third-party counterparts.

Sony consoles are lucky in the sense then that they’re supported by a truly outstanding lineup of first-party developers, which come together to form PlayStation Studios. After it really got going during the PS4 era, owners of a PS5 system can look forward to a plethora of upcoming titles from world-class developers. That includes Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica Studio, and Sucker Punch Productions.

As such, putting together a list of the best PS5 exclusive games is no easy task. However, the Push Square community has come together to rate their favourite ones and form the ranking you see below. This list has been rated and ranked entirely by you.

However, before we get to the list, we need to do a bit of housekeeping. The term “exclusive” has become muddied over the past generation or so. Therefore, we’ve expanded what games qualify for this list. If a game appears on a platform beyond PS5, it must work to these parameters in order to make it into the rankings:

Available on a Microsoft or Nintendo console: No
Available on PC: Yes
Available on PS4: Yes
With that out of the way, it’s time to get to your list of the best PS5 exclusive link spaceman games. If you think there’s a game missing, use the search bar below to find it and then hand it your own rating. Your score might be enough to push it onto the list!

1 . The Nioh Collection (PS5)

Team Ninja’s answer to the populer Dark Souls series is Nioh, a punishing but satisfying action RPG based on Japanese history and folklore. The Nioh Collection on PS5 brings the two titles together in one package. Fortunately, both games are excellent — fairly linear but featuring fast, deadly melee combat that has you swapping between stances to gain the upper hand. The pair of games are remastered for the up-to-date hardware, running at up to 120 frames-per-second on the right display, and support DualSense’s haptics and adaptive triggers. Two cracking action titles for the price of one, and looking and playing better than ever on PS5? A no-brainer.

2 . Death Stranding Director’s Cut (PS5)

Death Stranding Director’s Cut takes the truly unique “strand game” adventure and dials things up a notch for PS5. Hideo Kojima and his team created a haunting and strange global with the original game, tasking players with traversing a desolate and dangerous landscape to make deliveries. It shouldn’t work, but it does — every step you take can be a risk, and this need to watch your footing is an interesting way to create tension, especially when those nasty BTs show up. Director’s Cut enhances the experience with improved graphics and performance, DualSense support, 3D audio, and a range of new content.

3 . Returnal (PS5)

Not that it needed to, but with Returnal, Housemarque has proven itself an incredibly capable studio. This PS5 exclusive is a frantic, ultra-tight third person shooter dressed up with some rogue-like elements to add variety and unpredictability to the mix, and the result is wonderful.

Trapped in a loop on a hostile alien world, Selene is forced to relive her fateful crash landing each time she dies. There’s an amazing sense of accomplishment as you slowly progress through challenging boss encounters and explore six diverse environments full of randomised weapons, perks, and power-ups. It feels amazing to play, especially with amazing support for the DualSense’s features, and the addictive gameplay is complemented by an enigmatic story that will leave you guessing.

The best part is that’s just the start. A slew of additional modes flesh out Returnal, giving you a few extra ways to play when you’re done with the single player campaign. The daily challenge mode provides all players with a fixed loadout and room layouts, with the goal of amassing the highest score possible by exploring and playing skilfully. Beyond that is the Tower of Sisyphus, an endless arcade mode that similarly tasks you with getting the highest score you can, only there’s more of a sense of urgency. You’re rewarded not just for skilled play but for fast play — your multiplier will start to tick down if you loiter for too long. The Tower also contains additional story, adding more layers to the mysterious narrative the main game offers.

Finally, there’s two-player online co-op. This allows you to join or invite another player and go through the main campaign with a companion, potentially alleviating some of the challenge. While it isn’t the primary focus of Returnal, the co-op works splendidly; resources are shared between you, forcing you to make decisions on who gets what, and a revival mechanic lets you bring each other back into the fight. It’s just as much fun taking on the global of Atropos with a friend as it is alone, if not more so.

Whether you’re in it for the global class gameplay, the atmospheric sci-fi setting, the intentionally mysterious story, or the variety of extra modes, Returnal is among the most robust, rewarding, and addictive games on PS5.